Read before you enter The Arena Disciplina

I’m proud of you for accepting a personal charge and challenge to do more, learn more, give more, grow more. 

I have always said “complacency is the enemy” and, my goodness, how I have seen it creep into people’s lives.

But not you.

So, without further ado, 

Welcome to The Arena!

The main thing is to do your absolute best with full throttle intention! We trust you will take any and every necessary precaution to work around and to ensure you accomplish your weekly Challenges and Charges in The Arena.

Nothing in The Arena is something you can’t do. All of it you can do well within your realm of faculty and facility, BUT it does require discipline. That’s the whole point, right?

Remember that. 

Come back to this article too if you get frustrated. 

My hope is that you take away from The Arena Disciplina something beyond what I ever could have imagined, but nothing less than what I had hoped. 

Again, welcome. 

Further reading before stepping foot in The Arena: 

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* An Orderly Way of Life from my perspective here

* Three healthy approaches to take every day herehere and here

* My perspective on growing as a person here

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