The OWL: Asking For Help

If you have no problem asking for help, good for you. I would argue that one is more generally confident than the person who is request-adverse. 

A lot of people struggle with the notion of asking for help or dismiss asking entirely because of some pre-concluded reason why no one would want to help in the first place. Maybe, subconsciously, they don’t want to help anyone if they were asked. Who knows. It’s an interesting phenomenon. I haven’t spent the time to research why that is, but it is definitely a thing.

Personally, I have no problem asking for help. Now, I wouldn’t say I’m that much more confident than the average dude, I just freely admit I need to leverage the strengths and talents of others to achieve an objective.

I am very much aware of the things I don’t know or the things on which I need help to grow personally, physically, fiscally and faithfully. Trust me, the list is long on all accounts.

My perspective on asking for help shows a level of vulnerability, humility and, ironically, confidence by the Requester, but also, and maybe more importantly, a strong vote of confidence towards the Requested.

Now, I don’t think we should reserve the help-requests just on heavy-moving days or when we need to borrow someone’s truck. Nor do I mean only asking for help when we’re in the throes of an emotional crisis or if we’re at our last breaking point and there’s no other option but to ask someone for help. Casual help requests are good and arguably healthy. At a minimum you learn who are good dependable resources. That’s for sure.

Ideas: ask for help or feedback on how to craft an effective email, tips on training a stubborn pet, the “secrets” to Sudoku, approaches to smartly investing time and money, helping hold steady a ladder or help on navigating a tough conversation. The help requested can easily be squared away with a lunch, a cold beer, a firm handshake or a simple thank you. 

Ask for help, yes, but still rely on no one (worth the read).

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