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The 3•5•9 Protocol is a strength-training regimen that incorporates & exploits the Power, Strength and Speed components in each round for 3 to 5 rounds.

The POWER component: 3 reps at a challenging weight/movement

The STRENGTH component: 5 reps at a medium-challenging weight/movement, and then

The SPEED component: 9 reps at a less-challenging weight/movement. 

• Weight-training example: Dumbbell curls: 3 reps at 45#, 5 reps at 35#, 9 reps at 25# (do this sequence 3 to 5 rounds)

• Cardio example: 3 burpees, 5 pushups, 9 mountain-climbers (do this sequence 3 to 5 rounds)

The 3•5•9 Protocol can be done as a standalone workout or you can incorporate it into your workout routine.

The physical Challenges in The Arena Disciplina adhere to The 3•5•9 Protocol. 

I grew tired of the basic, rote strength-training regimens out there. The 3•5•9 Protocol takes all the thinking out of “what to do” for exercise. I conceived the Protocol in 2014 and have been doing it ever since.

Everyone needs to have a weight-training regimen to subscribe to. The 3•5•9 Protocol is all you will ever need.

The 3•5•9 Protocol is THE Garage Brand!

If you don’t have access to a traditional gym, everything we program can be done in your garage, basement, spare bedroom or outside. So, make some space!

You can have hugely significant Protocol training with just 3 pairs of different-weighted dumbbells, three different kettlebells and maybe a jump rope.

(I’m sure you can find some used equipment somewhere for cheap).

If you have access to a gym, The 3•5•9 Protocol works great on all circuit machines and, of course, free weights/barbells.

It’s fun to get strong!

Rest however long it takes to change your weight from the Power set (3 reps) to the Strength set (5 reps) to the Speed set (9 reps).

If you’re using circuit machines, this won’t be much rest at all.

On barbell training or free weights, it’ll be inherently a little longer rest to transition from the different weight protocols.

Rule of thumb: take as little rest as possible, but as much as necessary in order to maintain a high heartrate, but still finishing the workout without getting sloppy and compromising your range of motion. Be smart and strategic!

However, if you do feel extra levels of pain, faint, fatigue or dizziness, obviously, take a longer rest to recover well.

And PLEASE be sure to drink lots of water throughout and during your training!

To start, please read our Ethos of The Arena

The Arena Disciplina is a virtual “arena” designed for the gladiator, scholar, adventurer and romantic within you. 

Over time we tend to lose our inner-fight, our childlike wonderment, our curiosity and desire to learn. Plain and simple, we lose drive and gumption. 

The Arena Disciplina was designed to push back against those exact things. 

I believe God will move the “mountains” in our lives, but we have to bring the shovel. 

It’s time. 

Grab your shovel.

As an Adherent to The Arena, a recurring monthly charge gives access to your Personal Arena including:


  • The weekly Workout Challenge
  • The weekly list of actionable Personal Charges that are designed to thwart your bend towards complacency, acceptance of mediocrity and the lying voice inside you that says you aren’t good enough
  • A digital, running history of all your previous Accomplishments
  • Digital journals for each week allowing you to annotate your weights, thoughts, etc each week
  • Short, easy-to-follow, narrated videos related to each week’s Workout Challenges
  • Unlimited access to the Lifestyle Modifications
  • Early access to all new developments


If you already have everything figured out, good for you, but The Arena will challenge you in that. 

Join now to be an Adherent to the Arena!

Over the past couple years with lock-downs, closures,  general uncertainty, etc, I had witnessed and experienced an unusual and unhealthy level of stress, anxiety and fear  — whether it was founded or unfounded is irrelevant. 

In response to that, on a personal level, I made myself intentionally combat that despair. I chose to control what I could control: exercised more, read more, got better sleep, laughed more, lost weight, spent more time in God’s word, journaled, sought different leadership insight, cared more about what I ate, read, watched and who I hung around.

Now, on the other side of this intentionality, feeling so much better and more focused, it’s my heart’s desire, my magnus opus, if you will, to encourage others to shake their worry, despair or anxiety by controlling what they can control in the form of strength-training and character-building. 

If done with focus and consistency, The Arena Disciplina will help.

To make anything “worth it,” you have to have some skin in the game. 

You are worth the small monthly investment in yourself.* 

Trust me. You are worth it. 

You can quit anytime hassle-free. 

Just don’t quit.

Join now to begin your quest of strength-training and character-building. 

*Don’t let the cost be a hindrance. Email me to discuss alternatives.

All you need is a willingness to grow, an open heart & mind, some humility and pepper in some self-deprecating humor.

Oh yeah, and grab a journal.

Who I’m not: I’m not a professional athlete, although I’ve played every sport. I’m not a doctor or a counselor of any kind, but I’m fascinated by case studies. I’m not a millionaire (by any stretch), but I believe in being a good steward of money (by saving and giving). I’m not a workaholic, but I very much believe in working hard and not hardly working. I’m not an “intellectual,” but I love a respectful and spirited “sharing of ideas.” I don’t know everything (like, not even close and I don’t pretend that I do), but I love the pursuit of knowledge and sharing it with others.

My desire is that you take away from The 3•5•9 Protocol and The Arena Disciplina something beyond what I ever could have imagined, but nothing less than what I had hoped.

With that said, Prorsum et sursum (onward and upward) with a renewed excitement & enthusiasm leaving behind any rudderless or reckless habits.

Believe it or not, we all have a 1RM (one rep max). A “one rep max” is a challenging weight that you can do once well. Power, Strength, Speed can be achieved through 1RM percentage training.

Email us at info@thearenadisciplina.bwpsites.com for more information.

We would be happy to accommodate your big group in The Arena. Please email us at the359Protocol@gmail.com so we can work together to build your camaraderie within your community.

This may be true. Depending upon the condition of your muscles and the intensity of the workout, your muscles can have a build-up of lactic acid. But lactic acid only lasts in your muscles 1-2 hours after a workout. Resistance training causes micro-tears of muscle fibers, drawing increased blood flow and inflammation to the area, even leading to mild swelling, which stimulates the pain receptors in the muscle tissue and makes them more sensitive to movement. The muscle damage is temporary. Plus, the soreness means you’re alive.

"The Soul is dyed the color of its thoughts. The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you choose, what you think, and what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny...it is the light that guides your way."