My Perspective #59 “Goals and Resolutions‽” Let me explain.

The title should have read: Goals and Resolutions‽

The reality is a lot of us just like the idea of setting goals. We especially love making resolutions. It makes us feel, well, resolved to tackle the thing(s) that determine our sense of achievement or purpose or whatever. 

When a goal is made or a resolution is declared, we are admitting the thing or adding weight to the things that we deem worthy of some change or improvement. Right?

Goals and resolutions are good, of course, but they’re usually meaningless, if we are honest with ourselves. 

The reality is we aren’t that driven by accomplishing the goal and we really don’t have that much conviction behind the resolve.

The truth is it’s hard to change behaviors needed to accomplish said goals and resolutions. 

They’re well-thought and well-intended endeavors and, I guess, that is worthy of recognizing at a minimum. So, in that regard, the awareness is good.

I would venture to say that every good, thriving company, arguably, has a list of standards by which they operate or a company Mission Statement that creates alignment and a culture within the company. 

You, my friend, are no different. 

You are a company and you can have a code or mission statement from which to govern your company: you.

So, if you’ll please indulge me as I offer some “life-hacks” to the elusive goal-setting and resolution-declaring. 

Try realigning your standards towards small things that may seem inconsequential, but aren’t.

Small, consequential standards you can realign or modify now:

• Stop swearing, especially in front of your children 

• Don’t eat anything past 7:30p (all the time or on certain days)

• Only eat sugar or fried foods as a treat and only on certain days

Drink more water

• Eat a kids meal at restaurants and definitely at the drive-thrus, especially if the dreaded toxic hunger overtakes you

• Eat more healthy snacks

• Make your bed upon getting up every morning 

• Develop an entrepreneur mindset

• Read one chapter of a book per week

• ___________________ (Fill in the blank)

If you do insist on setting goals and declaring your resolutions aloud, rely on no one to help you get there.

As we embark on yet another year, let’s start strong and finish even stronger by, not necessarily, making goals and resolutions, but rather modifying, realigning and tweaking our current standards.

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Once again, happy newest year.

**ICYDK, this punctuation mark ‽ is called an interrobang.

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